How To Hang Things On Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl sidings are some of the most aesthetically pleasing walls to look out for.

From their neat slides to their uniform coloring, they are an extremely popular choice in the US.

However, many homeowners are usually faced with the dilemma of how to hang various objects without ruining their vinyl walls.

This article has addressed every one of those concerns.

How To Hang Things On Vinyl Siding?

With Vinyl siding being a popular, attractive, and durable material for home exteriors, homeowners often desire to hang items, such as wall plaques or decorations, on the siding to enhance the beauty of their home.

However, placing a nail or screw in the vinyl can cause damage by allowing water to seep in and compromise the integrity of the product.

The trick is to find a device that allows a homeowner to hang decorations without having to resort to adhesives, nails, or screws.

Instructions on How to hang things on vinyl siding

  • Choose and purchase the type of vinyl siding hooks that you need. Purchase siding hooks for hanging items such as wreaths, party decorations, or J-shaped flower pots. Buy S-shaped siding hooks for hanging items to be secured against siding such as wall plaques or L figures.
  • Decide where you want to hang the decorative or functional item. Use a ladder to help you reach areas above shrubs or flower beds.
  • Slip the top of the hook siding between two pieces of vinyl siding and snap it into place.
  • Rotating the hook allows you to remove or reposition it. Pull it through the hole from under the siding.
  • When your decoration is on the hook. This type of hook usually has a weight limit of 10 to 12 pounds.

Best Way To Hang Something On Vinyl Siding

Homeowners love their low-maintenance vinyl siding, but they may be hesitant to attach things to it.

Attachment is easy when you know the ins and outs of working with this surface. Using the right tools and techniques for each application is the key to success.


  • Fix the hook panels for lighter jobs. If you want to hang an outdoor thermometer, garden clock, or light decoration, you’re in luck.

Special vinyl siding hooks make dragging objects under 4.54 kg (10 lbs.) fairly straightforward.

Siding hooks do not require you to make holes in your siding, so there is no risk of moisture damage.

These fasteners are designed to take advantage of the grooves in the siding, locking into their counterweight element.

Hooks are available online as well as at most major hardware and home improvement retailers.

  • Use hook-style fasteners. Two styles of hooks are available. The first is the simple type hook. This wide stainless steel strip fits into a horizontal seam of the siding with a hook that sticks up.

A loop-style clip or one with a slit in the back can be slipped over the hook to hang an item securely. Most clocks, plaques, and wall decor items come with some sort of hanger on the back.

If yours does not have the right type, you can purchase a stick hanger that will work for this application, such as the 3M Commando line, from a hardware store.

  • Use flat-style siding hooks. The second style of hook made for vinyl siding features a flat metal strip with two to four holes.

S hooks, J hooks, small screws, nut applications, and many other fasteners can fit into these holes, making them versatile and suitable for many items that may not work with loop fasteners.

Follow the instructions for the suspension system you are purchasing.

Best House Numbers For Vinyl Siding

There are many types of hooks designed for hanging house numbers from vinyl siding.

They are available in metal and plastic. The latter is one of the most popular as they seem to have a longer lifespan.

A large variety of vinyl siding hooks can be found on the Internet.

However, if your plate is heavy, you should use 2 hooks.

How To Install Ring Doorbell On Vinyl Siding?

The process of installing a ring doorbell is very similar to vinyl siding. The main difference is that the ring mounting plate might likely not sit flush with the wall.

The best alternative to maneuvering this flaw is to purchase a vinyl siding mounting block which will compromise the necessary flat surface mount for your doorbell flush.

Mounting blocks can be found at a majority of the hardware stores around you or more conveniently, on the Internet.

How To Hang Heavy Things On Vinyl Siding?

Find a stud. To hang something heavy, such as the exterior light or the mailbox, you will need to find a dowel under the siding to attach your hanger to.

For an old house that has been resided, you can screw into the old wood siding underneath. If the house has foam insulation or wrap, you will need to probe for a stud.

A battery-powered stud finder – available from your hardware store, uses a simple laser to make the job easier.

It is an investment that will pay off every time you hang a picture or attempt to hang anything else indoors or outdoors.

Measure the hole. When you have located the stud, carefully pull on the liner cord until it unlocks. Drill a minimum of 6 mm (3/4 inch) through the wood stud or siding.

Measure the depth of the facing surface of the lug and add at least 6 mm (3/4 inch) to determine the depth of the hole. Mark where you can drill the mounting holes and then lock the siding seam again.

Buy screws or hangers. Buy a hanger at the same depth as the hole you are going to drill. Use a hanger that is designed for the weight of what you are hanging. You may need to use two or more anchors to support heavy objects.

Drill the hole using the same size bit as the screw for a tight fit. Protect the hole with a clear UV-rated sealant. Too large a hole, or mistakes, can also be caulked to prevent moisture from entering.

Wipe off any excess sealant. Be careful not to “glue” the siding of the house or it may ripple or sag.

Best Way To Hang Lights On Vinyl Siding

Two of the best options for decorating with miniature string lights for holidays or a party on vinyl siding are special clips that slide between the seams of the siding and self-adhesive clips.

The type of clips selected, leaving them in place when the decorations are put away, ensures that the liner is ready to put the lights back on in the future.

Hanging lights is easier when the homeowner has a plan. Drawing the plan on graph paper allows you to scale the plan home. After drawing the plan, you are ready to place the lights.

Start by turning a slip hook on its side and sliding it behind the siding. After installing all the clips, slide the light filaments into place.

Self-adhesive clips give the owner more control over where to place the accessory. However, they do require cleaning the liner before putting them in place.

This is because dirt or oxidation interferes with the adherence of the clips to the liner. Once the liner is clean, remove the protective coating from the hook and glue it in place.

When installing hanging lights, homeowners should pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions for the number of strands it joins. Most light kits have fuses, and overloading causes the fuses to blow.

However, if you join too many sets of lights and the fuse does not blow, overloading the circuit creates a fire hazard.

Best Way To Hang A Sign On Vinyl Siding

For vinyl sidings that are not flat, you will notice that each vinyl “plank” has an upper section that is flat to the home’s OSB siding, and a lower protruding section that is spaced approximately ½ from the siding.

Drill holes to accommodate the screw in this upper rod, flush with the side portion of the siding, so the sign does not compress the protruding parts of the vinyl siding.

Measure a short “distance” that will space the back of your sign at the same proximity as the most protruding part of your siding.

You can cut short lengths of plastic toilet supply hoses for tubular spacing, but you can probably find a dozen other ways to do this.

Put a dab of silicone or exterior caulk on the end of the spacer that will rest on the siding. Finally, pass the screw through the panel and spacer and secure it into the siding.

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