Home Paint Colors

Your home is your haven. It’s not just about a structure of bricks and cement but how a place makes you feel at ‘home’ literally.

But, what makes a home feel like it’s your personal space? It’s how you decorate it with your taste.

Among certain home accessories, painting your home the way you like also plays a major role in making it comfortable enough for you to unwind after a trying day.

There are trillions of wall paint color ideas that you can use to paint your home. Let’s talk about the most trendy home paint colors.

TOP Paint Colors for Home

People usually go for ‘tried and tested’ paint colors to decorate their home, but there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different shades.

So here, we will point to the colors that are not so common but worth trying.

Shades of Purple

Purple is the one shade with an equal percent of blue for the cooler and red for the warmer touch. Lavender, plum, magenta, and purple themselves make an interesting picture of your room.

You can blend all three of these shades with each other or use them to accent a particular wall in the room.

Try Yellow

Talking of home painting colors, yellow comes in handy to accent your favorite wall in the room.

There’s no necessity to go all-in for the brightest yellow because if your rooms don’t have enough exposure to natural light, yellow will put off the entire look of the place.

However, you must try shades of yellow like mellow, cyber, banana, Tuscany, and honey.

They look the best with white and grays. Yellow accessories also look really good so if not paint, add a bit of yellow in your room for a more energizing vibe.

Gray Shades

Gray color family is one of the most appreciated color schemes when we make mention of home paint color. Either interior or exterior, gray is not here to disappoint you.

There’s a long list of gray shades that you can paint your walls with without looking ‘too extra.’ Some shades that you can try today include:

  • Ash
  • Smoke
  • Abalone
  • Iron

 Gray gives you a sense of calm when paired with white or cream. I wouldn’t suggest you go all gray. A combination of other lighter tones will improve the overall look of your home.


White is a calming shade, but it’s prone to stains, so you’ll have to be extra careful there, or you can go for the glossy finish because it’s easier to clean.

The best part about using white paints at home is brightening up a small place and looking more spacious. Plus, you can go for colored accessories in the room to accent white paint.


If you want a fun and exciting feel to your room, you should go for the orange color. Orange will be exceptionally good in making your room stand out from other parts of the house.

Here are some shades of orange that you must try at least on one of the walls of your home:

  • Tangerine orange
  • brown-tinted orange
  • Carrot
  • Apricot
  • Sweet orange

These shades of orange can stand alone when your furniture is complementing the decor. Not comfortable with bright oranges?

No worries. Jump to its shades and find the one fitting your space perfectly.


Blue color helps us feel relaxed and reminds us of the sky and the water. Psychology also gives blue credit to have calming effects on human minds.

Blue is perfect for any room of your house, and it never goes out of fashion.

Once you’ve painted your room blue, regardless of the shade, you won’t feel the need to repaint it every five years because blue always fits in flawlessly.

The list of trending shades of blue:

  • Azure
  • Sky blue
  • Navy blue
  • Electric blue
  • Sapphire blue

Blue is not just for wall painting when you think of home decor. You can also add this color to your interior decor with accessories.

If you don’t want to paint your home right now, keeping hold of this list will be a good source of inspiration when it’s time. You can use wall art to enhance the overall look of your place.


Decorating your home every once in 3-5 years will add to your mental comfort. It’ll also make the place look refreshed so whenever you enter ‘home’, you’re at peace.

If you’re an artist, you can consider these walls your canvas and paint them with anything that’s close to your heart.

Write your favorite quotes there, paint a scenery, sketch yourself with your loved one. There are literally no restrictions.

Household paint colors range from lighter to darker shades with varying color schemes, so you just have to discover what you really like and go for it.

by Lisa Wilson

Without the internet, Lisa would never have discovered upcycling. She used wisdom from other people’s blogs to begin her upcycling journey, then she started writing her own!