Wall Painting Colors Ideas

The walls of the room make the most of it, and whenever we think of painting our homes, walls are the first thing that comes to our mind.

There are multiple beautiful wall colors that you can try any day for any of your walls to add life to your room, but the factors that you need to keep in mind are the room’s access to natural light and ventilation.

So, you must choose the right shades because if not, the results may not be as good as you expected. Let’s talk about top wall painting colors ideas that you can never go wrong with.

5 All-Time Favorite Wall Color Painting Ideas

Painting your walls is a fun job, but you shouldn’t think of it as something that’s ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’ because then you’ll get disappointed.

Since painting is similar to an organized process where we have to pay attention to details, it somewhat demands your effort.

Anyway, here are some fantastic wall painting color ideas that you can consider if you’re thinking of repainting or renovating your house.

Painting is a money-saving solution (if you do it yourself) and helps you become independent by teaching you the skill.

●    Blue

Blue is the most incredible color of all, and we all know it. The paint has uncountable shades that speak to your heart and make your home welcoming.

The navy, aqua, sky, blue-gray will fit in your home’s decor well. If you want to paint all four walls blue, using a piece of neutral tone furniture will balance out the room’s vibe of elegance.

And in case of using it to accent, the best painting advice that I can entertain you with here is using the blues with white. White, black, and gray complement almost all the shades of blue.

●    Yellow

The yellow color is known to give an energizing impression. You may think of an eye challenging shade of yellow, which is fair to use when you have a bit of natural light exposure, but yellow has shades.

Beige, macaroon, eggnog, latte, shortbread, and other shades will be a perfect match to your vast open home. When going with any of the yellow shades, use the cushion covers and sheets to enhance it.

Yellow looks its best when other colors like gray and earthy are involved in the picture.

●    Pink

Pink is usually misunderstood as a feminine shade, but that’s unfair. The color has wonderful shades from light to dark. It goes well with any white, gray, or black.

You can make the pink color look more beautiful by using it in accessories like cushions and vases. The shades of pink that are always a good choice are:

  1. Coral Reef
  2. Rose
  3. Baby pink
  4. Chic pink
  5. Hot pink
  6. Sweet pastel pink

You can use pink for your lounge’s wall or your bathroom, and there’s literally no wall that goes wrong with pink.

How to Make Your Walls Look More Exciting?

If you’ve had plain walls for a long period, introducing structure and texture will prove to be a good chance.

You can mix and match with different colors or paint the walls picturing anything that inspires you.

Here are some ideas.

1.   Ombre Your Walls

If you want something more than essential, then ombre the walls of your room are your way to go.

You can either use one shade to ombre into its lighter or darker shades or use different colors and shade them into each other.

In the example picture above, you can see how orange is blended flawlessly into its own shades of yellowish-orange and reddish-orange. It looks beautiful, doesn’t it? You can try it out too.

If you’re doing it yourself, remember to blend the shades before they get dry because then they won’t blend in seamlessly.

2.   Structure Your Walls

Structuring your walls when painting them will introduce a new feel to the room.

You can either go with basic structures with a sponge mostly done through blending or a more obvious one done with brushes.

This is how your wall will look when it’s dried. If you think it’s too much structure, you can try other ways, like painting a part of your wall that’s in combination with the paint applied on it already.

Like ombre, structuring necessitates blending, and the wall is only blendable until the paint is wet. So, you’ll have to remember this before you set yourself up for the task.

3.   Galaxy Paint Your Main Wall

Have you noticed how in some movies they have the ceiling of the bedroom painted with a galaxy?

It looks fantastic, and it’s easy if you also want to try it out. If you think you’re too old to have a galaxy-painted ceiling, paint a chunk of your wall for a touch of art in the room.

Your main wall of the room, ideally, is where the headboard of your bed is, and that is where you can use the paint.

The galaxy painting is among the best wall painting colors ideas where you won’t have to put so much of your thought in color choices.

4.   Mural Painting For Your Walls

Mural painting is how you paint a figure or image on your wall with a different shade of paint. This style of paint lets you explore your inner creativity.

You can think of any image or personality that inspires you. Here, have a look at this mural painting on the lounge wall.

It may look like it’s a professional thing to paint a wall like this, but you should try painting it by hand as an artist.

The best wall for this experiment would be the wall where you dress up in the morning where you have your dressing table or vanity.

If you don’t know how to paint, you can ask a painter to help you by showing him the photo of the mural you want, and they’ll do it for you.

5.   Zig Zag with Paint

A zig-zag design is good enough to be your first choice among other patterns to paint for your wall.

It introduces an interesting feature to the room, and you can do it with fun paint colors, and it will accent your home like nothing else. If you don’t want to paint a zigzag pattern, use its variations.

I understand that zigzagging can be a little intimidating for someone who only has monochromatic color schemes, so I’ve come up with a solution.

You can paint half or 30% of your room’s wall with the pattern and keep the other half plain.

You can try different wall color ideas to fill in the pattern or go black and white with it. It’ll look great either way. Which one are you inclined towards?


Painting your walls is a good idea as long as you have chosen the right shades. To make the correct choice, you’ll have to assess your rooms and decide on the basis of your observations.

You can read guides like these or ask for suggestions from professionals in the field. Go to websites like Pinterest and take inspiration from there.

Trying to copy the decor is an easier solution, but you can be creative too.

by Lisa Wilson

Without the internet, Lisa would never have discovered upcycling. She used wisdom from other people’s blogs to begin her upcycling journey, then she started writing her own!