Gutter Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Gutters are one of the most crucial parts of a home. Your house becomes safe from potential water damage from rainwater.

The gutter prevents the water from channeling into your home’s foundation.

However, gutter installation may not be as simple as it seems. The little complications never stop homeowners from taking on the DIY projects to install their own gutters.

Like many activities, many things can go wrong with gutter installations.

You do not want to invest your time into something that will be useless.

So, let’s take a look at the common mistakes that you should avoid when installing gutters for the first time.

Gutter Installation Mistakes to Consider

Here are some of the common problems associated with incorrect gutter installation

Wrong Gutter Placement

The way you place your downspouts influences a quality gutter system. Similarly, using inadequate or extra downspouts can affect the gutters.

Failure to correctly install the gutter spouts can stagnate or overflow water during heavy rains. Besides, correct placement will prevent soil erosion and insect invasion.

Avoid unnecessary and costly siding and foundation repairs by suitably placing the spouts.

It is crucial to insert the drain beneath or at the back of the roof’s drip edge. The drip edge is the section that towers above the roof and contains an external protruding lower edge.

The primary purpose of the rain gutter system at the roof edge is to regulate water flow during heavy rainfall. As a result, it prevents foundation damage.

However, improper installation under the drip edge is usually the cause of most leaks behind the gutter. When water leaks behind the gutter, it tempers with the proper support of the gutter system.

Thus, ensuring that the water follows the front lip of the gutter is vital. The water flow occurs through a process called capillary action. It facilitates the flow of dripping water right into the gutter.

Selecting the Incorrect Type of Gutter

Buying gutters can be a daunting experience. The availability of different materials, sizes, and shapes only make it a more overwhelming task.

Are you planning a home improvement project that involves gutter repair? Here are the specifications to consider:

  • Use aluminum metal
  • Durable concealed gutter hangers
  • A 0.032-inch gauge
  • A 0.019-inch elbow and downspouts
  • A gutter color that blends in with your home
  • The proper rain gutters with fitting size for the water flow

Selecting Cheaper Options

Although buying inexpensive gutter systems for home projects can be tempting, their components are usually low-quality.

Properly handling a new gutter installation facilitates the excellent condition of your home.

Using cheaper materials can cause structural damage that will require costly gutter repair.

So, buying gutter systems from a professional gutter company instead of the local hardware stores is the best way to get cutting-edge products.

Wrong Gutter size

The size of the gutters plays an essential role in controlling drain water during heavy rainfall.

Small gutters pose a risk to the foundation of your home. Thus, using appropriate sizes for new gutter installations is recommendable.

Consider the following aspects when choosing new gutters:

  • The average amount of rainfall for your local climate
  • Size of the new roof
  • Roof pitch
  • The areas prone to overflows

If you have a more extended roof than ordinary or are preparing for the late fall, it will be prudent to choose more oversized gutters.

Talk to the gutter installers about the number of inches that fit your house.

Inappropriate Gutter Pitch

If you don’t pay close attention to the gutters in your home, they may seem leveled. Yet, the correct pitches have a slight angle.

The gutter angle influences the water runoff from the building. Any issues that affect the gutter slope will lead to defective hangers.

Installing the gutters at an inadequate steep will prevent the water from flowing out of the gutter.

When the gutter has an incredibly steep angle, water overflows. Either of these mistakes can cause structural damage to your home.

A great option is hiring professional gutter installation companies to help. It will be a good idea to practice the rule of thumb.

Ensure that your gutters slope in the direction of downspouts at 0.75 inches for every ten feet of your entire gutter system.

Incorrect Hanger Spacing

Gutter hangers are a critical aspect of a proper gutter support system. You need correctly spaced hangers for the system to work effectively.

You can quickly end up with sagging gutters if your hanger spacing is improper.

The phenomenon will result in a water pool that will eventually disconnect the gutters from the house.

Thus, the correct hanger spacing should not exceed two feet. If your home is in a cold climate, snow and ice dams can exert excess weight and strain the gutters.

Thus, spacing your gutters not more than two feet apart is crucial. Consulting with expert gutter installers is always a good idea if you have any concerns.

Excessive Seams

Seams are the part of the gutter that is more susceptible to damage than any other component.

Traditional gutter systems have a seam out of every ten inches that are inevitable to leaks.

Thus, opting for seamless gutters from professional shingle manufacturers will help you avoid such a downside altogether.

Tempering with Gutters During Installation

If you want your metal roof to have the recommended aluminum gutters, it would be best to take extra precautions when fixing them.

Gutters can easily bend or get a dent. A dent can result from falling on the floor or hitting the gutter by your ladder. If the gutters sustain damage, you should replace the entire gutter system.

Professional Gutter Installation

Your gutters will last for a long term if you work with an expert. Besides, their expertise will ensure safe installation.

So, it will prevent the use of the wrong type of gutter altogether.

Also, hiring a professional comes with extra benefits, such as gutter guard installations.

Gutter guards are crucial barriers that experts use to prevent the accumulation of debris on gutters.

As a result, you will not expose yourself to any danger from having to clean your gutters.

The good condition of your gutter systems means you have less maintenance on your hands.

Professionals will transform your new roof with a solid and appealing fascia board when installing it.

Incorrect Gutter Installation

Gutter installation may not be as complicated and difficult as most remodeling tasks.

Yet, experienced homeowners should not try it. If not, you can make common mistakes that are otherwise avoidable.

You could wrongly place the gutter or inappropriately pitch your drains.

Lack of experience can also lead to improper spacing or the use of the wrong size or type of gutters altogether.

Thus, seeking professional help is recommendable.

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