What Color Walls Go with Brown Granite Countertops

Kitchen countertops are an important feature that makes our kitchen look more beautiful.

Brown granite is an amazing option for backsplash style, wall paint, and floor white cabinets in the kitchen. Brown countertops enhance the beauty of the walls.

Brown granite is present in different colors like neutral colors. In these countertops, natural stones with slight changes have a great impact on the kitchen’s beauty.

There may be more than one mineral color in brown granite countertops other than brown.

What Cabinets Would Look Good with Brown Granite Countertops?

In the kitchen cabinets have a major role in adjusting space, and the color of cabinets also has a major role in how a kitchen looks like. There may be color cabinets or dark cabinets.

As a common rule, you should intend to generate a gratifying difference.

1. Cabinets in White

Kitchen White Cabinets
Kitchen White Cabinets

Nowadays, in the kitchen white cabinets and white granite countertops are popular choices, and brown granite perfectly matches it.

Sometimes, it is good with dark granite colors and sometime it may go well with lighter shades of brown granite.

Brown granite is thought to be a focal point, if not absolute or conventional. Except for you like the traditional design, you can select a more recent design of the cabinet.

We can make a white theme for the kitchen including white cabinets with white paint colors and backsplash in white color but the countertop style would be in brown granite.

2. Cabinets in Beige

Cabinets in Beige
Cabinets in Beige

Other than white, a slightly beige color matches the brown granite in your kitchen. Light cabinets like Beige cabinets go perfectly with light granite in brown color.

3. Cabinets in Brown

Cabinets in Brown
Cabinets in Brown

Darker cabinets in the color of wood are an excellent thought. This color is traditional and eternal and matches the brown marble fit.

Choose a more sleek cabinet design and lighter tone shades or bleached wood for a more modern look.

Your kitchen will look luxurious if there are darker cabinets matched with dark granite.

While lighter cabinets go perfectly fine with light brown granite and they give a soothing and relaxing feel.

4. Cabinets in Red

Cabinets in Red
Cabinets in Red

For example, cherry and mahogany color looks like a red tint that looks so lovely.

Red cabinets look good with brown granite but look more attractive when paired with lighter colors, giving an impartial appearance intended for granite with an indication of red color.

If red or white color paints are applied on your cabinets and are also glossy, the countertop could be brown granite, but if darker earth tones of granite with other colors are used looks perfect.

5. Cabinets in Green

Cabinets in Green
Cabinets in Green

Nowadays, there is a trend of using Green cabinets as they look very stylish, and looks perfect with a combination of brown granite. Also, many granite types have veining or green specks. They would match the best.

6. Cabinets in Black

Cabinets in Black
Cabinets in Black

If black is your favorite color and you like black cabinets, firstly confirm that brown granite has black color or is adequately in light color cabinets that match well with black cabinets.

You can add shiny and luminous hardware to the whole mix. The handles and the pulls of cabinets in golden color would be perfect.

If the remaining kitchen has enough light, then the combination of black cabinets and brown granite countertops will look like dark grays. Or else, it’ll look like a cave.

Choosing the Color of walls that matches Brown Granite Countertops

In most kitchens, after cabinets, there is not plenty of space left for walls, windows, and kitchen splashes so choosing a color for the wall is easy.

Although there are some kitchens, which are large with more open shelves, the color of the wall cannot have a huge influence.

1. Entirely White Walls

Baltic Brown Granite Countertop
Baltic Brown Granite Countertop

Crisp white walls, and warm white or creamy white cabinets, gives a neutral paint color that provides a natural element to kitchen walls and serves as a background for all other matching colors in your kitchen, counting your Baltic brown granite countertops.

2. Brown Ceilings and Walls

Brown Granite Counters
Brown Granite Counters

Fascinatingly, brown walls are somewhat a natural option when performing to accent colors of your brown granite counters with gray walls is always a good idea.

Darker brown tone shades on the walls make your small kitchen come out to be comfortable and stylish.

3. Red Brick Walls

Red Brick Walls
Red Brick Walls

Red brick walls, and we can also use real bricks, they look great and complementary colors with brown granite.

The color of the brick is warm white used in cabinetry and is ordinary, and it looks good with brown granite.

Brown or green cabinets in any shape would match the brick walls and gives them a bold look.

4. Walls in Beige

Beige Walls
Beige Walls

Beige walls match a brown countertop and give a temperate, supple atmosphere. Any brown shade could be used for countertop material and beige walls can go with any cabinet color.

We can add some white colors and cool tones of versatile colors in ceramic tiles in different shapes, sizes, and different colors.

5. Walls in a dark blue color

Dark Blue Color
Dark Blue Color

If we want a completely different look we can go for dark blue paint or navy blue paint shades of walls that match perfectly with brown granite countertops with navy blues specks on granite looks so good.

Blue paint could be added to the backsplash and furnishings of the rest of your kitchen.

What Varieties of Brown Granite are there?

This is a huge number that makes us surprised that how many varieties of colors and lighter shade mix combinations are in their brown granite

. When there is a situation on matching the brown granite with some other element in the kitchen and also dining or living room then these colors made differences.

The natural stone backsplash contains minerals of different colors, which are of different tones.

1. Granite in Chestnut or Tan Brown Color

Tan Brown Granite
Tan Brown Granite

Brown granite is mainly 60% brown, and the left portion of it is mostly black-gray granite or red minerals inside the lighter brown shade.

As an outcome, this granite is certainly very well-matched with the elements of the kitchen giving it a bolder look.

Tan brown granite matches very well with the creamy white cabinet’s color scheme.

2. Brown Granite from the Tropics

Tropical Brown Granite
Tropical Brown Granite

Tropical Brown Granite color or darker earth tones, is like the chestnut brown granite, has black specks mixed with brown has a similar undertone, but they are composed of shiny crystals that stand out beautifully.

That makes it matching, and with similar undertone color and keeping away from extra contrast is the best thing.

Tropical Brown granite makes a bold statement when combined with black modern cabinets in the kitchen area. Try to get some shine in the granite stone backsplash as well.

3. Brown Baltic Granite

 Brown Baltic Granite
Brown Baltic Granite

Baltic Brown granite is a stunning combination of brown and black with speckles of lighter gray granite and tan giving a balanced look.

This granite complements any kitchen design style and can be easily matched with kitchen cabinets and backsplash ideas.

It’s easy to locate what would be the color paint shade that matches Baltic Brown marble. Baltic Brown granite matches the natural cabinet’s is the best thing.

4. Magnificent brown granite

Magnificent Brown Granite
Magnificent Brown Granite

Brown granite has a beautiful reddish tint shade that goes well with the cabinets in cherry, mahogany, or maybe sometimes light wood color. The interior paint colors perfectly suit the interior design.

5. Granite in Antique Brown

Granite in Antique Brown
Granite in Antique Brown

Historic Brown granite is superb dark chocolate brown color, with approximately black granite countertops. It is very much pleasing if it has a honed or leathered matte finish.

Brown granite cabinets are made beautiful by coupling them with beige or brown-colored walls.

A luxurious and bolder look is created by coupling Brown granite counteract with dark-colored or black cabinets. A combination of frequent gold elements is used in a great way.

6. Brown Delicatus Granite

Brown Delicatus Granite
Brown Delicatus Granite

Brown Delicatus Granite is in light golden brown color and is from Brazil. There are green, caramel, or burgundy touch, and interesting patterns as well.

The same wall colors and dark brown-colored cabinets can also be used.

A modern bold look can be made by choosing light brown wood cabinets with an up-to-date design and the same hardwood floor color.

There is a fun element in selecting a backsplash if we need to make a mosaic with subway tile style in addition to which all of the colors in granite could be used.

Conclusion In a nutshell, brown granite is a costly and justifiably conventional choice for kitchen countertops. 

We come to know that colors like brown, white, beige, grey, and blue will all go perfectly with the combination of brown granite if their undertone is the same.

Brown granite is present in different darker and lighter color tones and different color accents. Finding a backsplash that will act as a change between your walls and counters is tricky that should be kept in mind.

by Lisa Wilson

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