How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

If there’s any room in your house that’s your personal space beside your bedroom, it’s your bathroom.

You can have a good time in your shower thinking about your day and releasing your stress in a hot bubble bath, so the bathroom has to be in its best to be there for you in times of need.

If you think your bathroom needs work, think about remodeling it. And it’s not just you. Around 33% of homeowners said they were bored with old bathrooms, which they realized in the ‘work from home’ COVID period.

In case you’re thinking, ‘how much does a bathroom remodel cost?’ I want to let you know that it’s not that expensive.

As per different observations, for smaller bathroom remodeling costs around 6,000 dollars (from flooring to fixtures to walls), while it can go from 15,000 to 25,000 dollars for bigger areas.

You sure need more details, don’t you? Let’s get into it.

Average Cost for Bathroom Remodelling

Anyone thinking of bathroom remodeling wants to know what it costs before they jump in, and that’s a fair move if you ask me.

Basically, your bathroom’s per square foot and remodeling factors determine your bathroom renovation costs, but if we talk about the average cost for a bathroom renovation or remodel can range from 2,000 to 20,000 dollars and more, depending on the work done.

In the hopes of providing you with enough facts to get a clearer picture, I’m going to be specific about sizes in this section.

Remodeling Cost for Small (5×7 to 5×8) Bathrooms

Not all of us live in castles, but that shouldn’t stop us from beautifying the space. You can make the area look more spacious by choosing the right remodeling materials.

Fact: A worldwide study shows that the average size of a bathroom is 35 to 40 (5×7 or 5×10) sq. ft.

Coming to the point, 5×7 or 5×8 bathroom remodel average cost would be around $2,000 to $8,000 as its space measurement is about 35 to 40 square feet *, which is comparatively the smallest size for a bathroom only fitting a bathtub, toilet, and basin with bathroom plumbing.

Remodeling Cost for Medium (5×10 to 7×7) Bathrooms

A medium-sized bathroom offers you a good space to be free to try ideas. It usually measures 41 sq. ft to 70 sq. ft costing you an estimate of $5,000 to $9,800, and it’s an ideal size if you’ve got a family.

Remodeling medium-sized bathrooms will be, and the results will give you value for money. You can have a bathtub, basin, toilet, small vanity, and shower in there with concealed plumbing.

As per usual decor, you can have your basin, small vanity, shower on one side of the wall, bathtub on the opposite, and toilet on the mid-wall.

Remodeling Cost for Large (8×10 to 10×10) Bathrooms

Cost to remodel a bathroom of master size can be anywhere around 8×10 (80 to 100 sq.ft) to 10×10 (110 to 210) $8,000 to $20,000.

This measurement is commonly for Jack and Jill, or master-sized bathrooms with a luxurious remodeling.

You’ll have the bathroom essentials like a full-sized bathtub, full-size vanity, shower, toilet, and walking wardrobe in the room already. What else can be there? Almost anything that you may want because it’s spacious.

You can have it remodeled to have a palace for steaming showers, bookshelf, keyboard, broad windows, or benches. The creative possibilities are limitless!

Remodeling Cost for Luxury Bathrooms (from 210 sq. ft to above)

The luxury bathrooms are among the most popular ones (suggests the survey) and expensive, of course.

Luxury bathroom renovation costs can go above $20,000 to $50,000 depending on the room, fixtures, furniture, and everything else that comes about.

Did you notice how each size has a different price range? You can go for your budget and have a fresher look for the place you first go to when you wake up.

If you still want a good package, we can ‘pick and choose’ among the essentials in the process and only go for things that actually need a renewal.

Major Areas to Choose for Remodelling and Stay in Budget

Bathroom renovation can cost a lot if you want to remodel the entire room. The prices have also gone up recently as more homeowners are going for it.

What’s the best option in such a situation? Or, how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom? No worries there. Only remodeling areas that actually make the most of your room and will help freshen it up.


Your walls are undoubtedly a major part of your room, making them a good investment when you’re remodeling the bathrooms.

You can have them rebuilt, but I suggest using cost-effective solutions like texturglas (textured wallpapers) costing you $1000 to $1200 with a ready-to-go bathroom. You can then paint them as you like, and the best part is they are long-lasting for up to 30 years. 

If you’ve water leakage or wall seaming problems, tiles are a perfect alternative. They’ve been around as a must home renovation item for a long time, and the best part about them is they cover the damaged walls, saving you money, effort, and time.

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Bathroom Hardware

If I tell you the most refreshing change in your bathroom besides the wall or tiling, it’s about renewing the bathroom hardware.

Bathroom hardware includes newer wall shelves, grab bars, towel storage, toilet paper holders, shower curtains, toilet, bathtubs, and others of the same sort.

These fixtures will cost you about $200 to $2000 (for custom). The in-between range is honestly a bargain considering the overall price range that we discussed above.

Changing or buying newer, better hardware will be impressive for the whole bathroom look, so instead of spending money on literally EVERYTHING, consider this one as an outstanding contribution.


So you’ve your hardware and walls covered. Kudos to you for remodeling wisely. Let’s talk about the flooring now.

The floor of your bathroom, even if it’s not damaged or stained, needs to be redone or fixed with tiles for just $100 t0 $1200, which is a real saving. When you’re renovating the space because like walls, floors also add up to the impression.

The tiles or polished marbles will have the flooring covered for you. Now, I’m not saying that you’ll get them in pennies, but it’s a smarter option to cut the average cost for remodeling bathrooms.

When you need a bathroom makeover while staying on budget, you can work on these 3 elements and cut huge bills.

As we wrap this section up, you may wonder how it turned out at such a low cost, and that’s because other things may need more of it.

The worth investing areas are plumbing, construction, and labor. Besides that, what can be a really helpful tip here is: if you plan to remodel any part of your house, you should start saving and put at least 10-15% of your budget for out-of-the-blue costs.

As we have more clarity now, let’s dig into the worth-the-money aspects of bathroom remodeling.

Here’s What You Should Spend Your Money on

Remodeling can cost a lot if you’re not doing it mindfully. When you’re aware of what really needs a remodel and what’ll be good with a quick fix. This will not only help you spend wisely but also get you long-term quality work.

There are 3 main aspects that are extremely important.

  1. Plumbing
  2. Ventilation
  3. Fixture Installation


Plumbing includes fixing the pipes or placing new faucets. It can be a DIY thing to cost you less than a professional plumber, but we all know that’s not going to work well unless you’re a pro yourself.

And, plumbing is something that needs to be done flawlessly because if it causes leaks and breakage issues every now and then, you’ll not be happy with that. Trust me.

Coming to the costs, it entirely depends on how much there is to ‘remodel.’ I mean, plumbing costs can shoot the sky ($1000 plus) if your house is ancient. If the case is otherwise, it can range from $200 to $1,400.

This price is inclusive of the professional services, your plumbing material like pipes and faucets and will cover a bit more, for that matter.


I know many people who spend all their energy and money on things that make their bathroom look better, and that’s fair. But, ventilation is definitely not something to overlook.

You take showers, wash your face, and use the toilet in your bathroom, which means the water gets in the air, making it moist, which can cause problems like bacteria growth or mildew.

Surprisingly, getting a ventilation fan for your bathroom will cost you somewhere between $200 to $600. Yeah, I know it’s not as little as you may have expected, but when you’re spending thousands, a few hundred on a worthwhile purchase will not hurt.

Fixture Installation

As we’ve talked about the importance of bathroom hardware or fixtures in the budget-saving section, the installation is equally pressing. Properly installed faucets can go a long way.

A quick fact: The price can vary depending on where you live. The ones that are written here are just an average cost range.

Per faucet installation may cost you $337 to $502. This is just a basic roadmap, including the ‘basics’ of the process.

If we go by separately, then a basic faucet installation with labor and item assembly will have you good at $231 to $280 from low to high-quality products and services.

With the essentials in mind, we should remember to only go for licensed services providers. It may seem like an unnecessary piece of advice, but it sure helps when you’re selling the place or renting it out.

The person you’ll be dealing with has an instant trust in you and your quote because he’ll see the value to invest in. There are no rules, but one of my friends had an issue with the products he bought for his clients, and he got them to exchange (all smoothly) because the products were licensed. It can work for you, too, in the worst-case scenario. 

Some Handy Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Honestly, I don’t think we’ve covered all that comes under the ‘bathroom remodeling’ umbrella because it’s a broad subject.

With little of what can add more value, we are going towards some tips that you must work on once you decide on the remodeling.

  1. Don’t overspend (save money and spend it on more important things in the project)
  2. Make a budget suiting your plan (assess what you have and what you want)
  3. Judge the remodeling space for potential drawbacks (So you know where to do what)
  4. Buy all the hardware yourself (do your study of the market or ask your contractor to give you the list of items they need)
  5. Hire professionals (If you’re good at something, you can do it yourself)
  6. Supervise the field of work (Labor and contractors take things more responsibly when you’re present)
  7. Choose cheaper options for things that can be replaced (dig for the best at a competitive price)
  8. Go for quality material (Think of long term benefit)
  9. Take care of natural light sources (it’ll be good for the environment and ventilation)
  10. Do not throw away the working items (You’ll need them sometime)

That’s all, folks.


Bathroom remodeling is refreshing. A well decorated, clean, and open bathroom helps your mind to relax and enjoy.

Although this blog has a bit of everything, you must go for a practical study of the local market and decide based on your learning.

As a quick wind up, tell me when was the last time you remodeled or thought of remodeling your bathroom?

If you made it happen, tell me how. And if not, share with us the reason for the delay? I’m looking forward to your comments!

by Lisa Wilson

Without the internet, Lisa would never have discovered upcycling. She used wisdom from other people’s blogs to begin her upcycling journey, then she started writing her own!