Can You Paint Terracotta Roof Tiles

Painting is an alluring way to enhance the appealing look of your home.

It gives your home a fresh and new aesthetic look into manifolds. Terracotta roof tiles are made of clay and coated with a glaze to achieve an appealing finish.

These roof tiles are perfect as they resist years of weather exposure once fired. Interestingly, when the tiles are fresh, no paint or any other upgrade is required. 

Key Takeaways:
  • Terracotta Roof Tiles Types
  • Can You Paint On Terracotta Roof Tiles?
  • What Is The Best Method For Paint Application?
  • The Pros of Painting Terracotta Roof Tiles
  • The Cons of Painting Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta Roof Tiles Types

Glazed and unglazed are the two kinds of terracotta roof tiles. Many individuals prefer to glaze their ceramic tiles.

However, terracotta clay is porous and prone to salt and wind damage over a certain duration. This coating functions as a protective layer against harsh weather and other natural forces.

Both tiles can be painted while preparing your roof tiles first guaranteeing an ideal finish. On the other hand, unglazed roof tiles are not pre-coated.

It gives them a rustic aesthetic that some people may admire. They are best suited in locations with minimal rain owing to their porous nature.

Moreover, they collect water and decay faster than glazed roof tiles.

Can You Paint On Terracotta Roof Tiles?

There is no doubt that you can paint on either glazed or unglazed terracotta roof tiles. You can paint terracotta tiles if the tiles are properly prepared prior.

The first step is to remove any moss and debris with the help of a high-pressure water device. The tiles will next need to be prepared by applying a primer or etching solution.

After that, you will need to use a sealer. In the end, two coats of excellent quality roofing paint will be enough to finish the task and make it more appealing and alluring.

According to research, Nutech Elite Terracotta Primer is designed to give a long-term performance on glazed, unglazed, and vitrified terracotta roof tiles.

It assured efficacy when collaborating with any Nutech Paint top coat finishes.

What Is The Best Method For Paint Application?

Terracotta tiles can be painted in multifarious ways but the most effective and preferable method is using airless application with high pressure.

In the case of painting terracotta roof tiles, brushes, and rollers may not be a good option and they will not result in a perfect finish look. In addition to this, an airless application ensures that the paint will not flake or clump.

The Pros of Painting Terracotta Roof Tiles

1. Weatherproof Terracotta Roof Tiles

Natural porous terracotta tiles absorb water over time. However, roof degradation is accelerated by intensive heat, rain, debris, and other natural forces.

If exposed to rain for an extended period, the terracotta roof tiles may eventually disintegrate and deteriorate.

Owing to their texture and design, they may not dry out completely during the rainy season.

However, painting terracotta roof tiles may extend their life by adding a protective layer. Not only this, the painting prevents framework damage to terracotta roof tiles.

2. Restore Terracotta Roof Tiles

Painting is the perfect solution to protect terracotta roof tiles as they may be exposed to a lot of moisture during the rainy season and prevent heat exposure.

Painting terracotta roof tiles can restore them with a minimal budget and you may not need to replace them.

The budget-friendly painting will restore their aesthetic look and your house will give a fresh and new look. 

3. Updates Color Of Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta roof tiles come in multifarious appealing colors that turn your old house look into a new one.

You can select the color according to your wish that complements the appearance of your home.

Moreover, spray painting is the best method for terracotta roof tiles as it allows you to uniformly apply color to the whole roof, making it more appealing and desirable.

The Cons of Painting Terracotta Roof Tiles

1. Require Regular Maintenance

There are multiple disadvantages to painting terracotta roof tiles. After some time, the paint will eventually peel and flake.

Undubiously, painting can add a protective layer on the tiles but on the flip side of the coin, the paint will deteriorate, making your roof unsightly and ramshackle.

2. Lower Resale Value

Painted terracotta roof tiles protect the roof but it may reduce the market value of the home.

However, a painted terracotta roof may look great but it will be perceived as an extra expenditure by a possible buyer.

Therefore, painted terracotta tiles can reduce the resale value of a house.

3. Lose Aged Appeal Of House

Painting your terracotta tiles will lose their old and rustic charm.

There is no doubt that when the roof is freshly painted, it gives your property a more refined and trendy appearance. Contrarily, it may contrast with the rest of your house. 

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it all up, you can paint terracotta roof tiles to make them more appealing and alluring than before.

It can ameliorate the old and rustic look of your house by using spray paint with high pressure. Airless spray is the perfect tool to apply the paint on rustic tiles.

Not only this, but it will also restore the attractiveness and waterproofing of your roof. It is pertinent to mention that, there is a high need to clean the dirt, moss, and debris from the tiles before painting.

It will remain long-lasting and durable making it perfect for your house. Thus, painting terracotta roof tiles is the perfect method to restore the beauty of your house.

by Lisa Wilson

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