Best Outdoor Door Mats That Drain Water

In addition to preventing mud and grime from getting inside your home, an efficient doormat must be able to drain water.

Or else, your outdoor doormat can catch mold, mildew, and germs under wet doormats over time, if your doormat does not drain water effectively.

A lovely outdoor doormat creates a good first impression, and to give a welcoming vibe, we have created a guide to help you choose the best outdoor door mats that drain water.

In addition, if you have a nice water-draining doormat, you will spend less time cleaning and scrubbing your floors of wet footprints and muddy paw prints. 

Since the doormats gather water, dust, and grime over time, essentially your mat must automatically drain water. 

The following recommendations for the finest outdoor doormats will make your guests feel welcome while also preventing dirty floors and wet mats.

However, there are a few considerations like material, construction, and weather design along with size and shapes that you must not overlook.

Let’s have a look at essential factors that you must not overlook while choosing your doormat for outside use.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Water Draining Doormat?

While looking for an outdoor doormat that drains the water, the material is the most important factor to consider.

Some materials are specifically made to repel water or prevent dust from getting into the mat. In addition, the durability and use also depend on the material you are getting.

Hence, you must look out for your personal preference like where you live, weather conditions, and how much you will be using it.


Speaking of outdoor water-draining doormats, they are made of different materials.

The most frequent materials used to make doormats are coir, nylon, polyester, cotton, and rubber.

Straw and rubber are also common materials used to make doormats. Coconut fiber is utilized in the construction of a coir doormat, which enables it to attract and trap dirt effectively.


Natural coir, also known as coconut fiber, is a natural fiber derived from the husk of the coconut. It is the fiber between a coconut’s hard interior shell and the outer covering.

  • These doormats are made to last, are lightweight, and are suited for outdoor space and indoor use.
  • Coir door mat made of coconut husk is very often used to prevent mold and mildew from growing beneath mats.
  • Additionally, coir doormats perfectly capture the dust, which prevents the interior floor from becoming an excessive amount of mess.
  • It is simple to clean and maintain over time.


Another most common material to make water-draining doormats because of their higher threshold against harsh climate conditions.

  • Rubber doormats are ideal for use in damp locations because it allows water to drain away quickly.
  • These mats have a relatively longer lifespan in comparison to other materials.
  • You can use it on a variety of surfaces, including those found inside and outdoors.
  • Rubber rugs come in different sizes, textures, and unique designs to match your house ambiance, creating an inviting atmosphere in your foyer.
  • These mats do not suffer color fading with exposure to sunshine or extreme temperatures.


Polyester is a synthetic material made of polyester synthetic fibers. It is considered to be more shock absorbing and durable than rubber in cases of doormats.

  • These doormats are the best for outdoor use, particularly in wet climate conditions.
  • It comes in all shapes, sizes, different colors, and designs.
  • Polyester mats keep your doorways dry because of their self-cooling properties.


A cotton doormat is the most common kind of doormat and also the most popular choice because of its natural fibers.

  • Cotton doormats are not only gentle but also long-lasting and pleasant to walk on.
  • They are simple to clean and maintain at a lower cost than other options.
  • You can walk on cotton mats with bare feet without causing discomfort.
  • Cotton falls under the absorbent mat category. They are good to absorb light water but cannot withstand a lot of rain.

Although, we do not recommend using cotton doormats for a back door.

Despite being soft and comfortable, it is not the finest material for an outdoor doormat since it absorbs water.

If you like cotton doormats, however, you need to place a rug pad below the doormat to facilitate the drainage of water.

Moreover, mats made of synthetic materials are known to have less life.

Doormat size:

Make sure the doormats are the standard size to the least if you do not have a specific requirement for smaller doormats.

The standard size for a doormat is 18 inches by 30 inches, which makes 1-1/2 feet by 2-1/2 feet. This size is suitable for most front door mats and rear doors in typical use.

On the other hand, doormats are measuring 24 inches by 36 inches in size.

In addition, the greater surface area that has to be covered with a protective mat depends on the width of the door.

A mat with dimensions of 2 ft. by 3 ft. works well for a door that has sidelines. Moreover, if you have a double door, you might need a bigger doormat to cover the whole surface.

A rug with dimensions of 3 x 5 ft, 2 x 5 ft, 3 x 6 ft, or 4 x 6 ft surface area is an excellent option for a large mat.

Doormat Thickness:

The thickness of a doormat might vary depending on where you want to lay them. It is not always preferable to have a doormat with a thicker pile.

Sometimes a mat with a shorter pile is firmer than a mat with a larger pile. It would eliminate much dirt and debris more efficiently.

This is the case when the mat is compared to a carpet.

You won’t be able to open the door if the mat is too thick since it won’t be able to clear the door swing while it’s in the open position.

Hence, doormats with a low or medium pile are appropriate for outside doormats.

Doormat designs:

Doormat design offers a welcoming atmosphere to your and your guests.

There is a wide variety of designs and shapes available in the market including round, semicircle, oval, square, and the most common design, the rectangular doormat.

When shopping for a doormat, it is important to take both the dimensions and the density of the mat into mind.

Generally, doormats designed for outside use often include floral or geometric patterns.

Best Outdoor Water-draining Doormats Buying Guide

Alongside a lot of things like size, shape, and pile, you can enhance the overall performance of the doormat, if chosen correctly.

Here are some added features that make any ordinary doormat the best.

Non-slip Backing; Keeping your mat securely in place, especially during the rainy or snowy seasons, is essential to avoid sudden accidents. Some doormats come with rubber backing that prevents the mat from slipping.

Water-resistance; A water-resistant doormat is ideal for use in wet conditions, whether in snow or rain. It does not soak up water, which prevents the growth of germs beneath doormats.

Scrapers: Doormats with scrapers have brush-like bristles. It is used to remove filthy buildup on footwear and is ideal for use in high-traffic areas or outdoors.

Our Buying Guide Recommendation:

Doormats play an essential role in keeping the inside and outside of the doorway clean.

To keep your doorway dry at all times, we recommend that you use a doormat made of rubber for outside use.

The rubber doormat is long-lasting and has an effective drainage system, especially for a high-traffic area.

If you still are confused about which doormat to get, we have created a list of top picks for the best outdoor doormats that drain water.

All our chosen products are made from the best material and offer functionality.

7 Best Outdoor Door Mats That Drain Water

1.  Lovinland Polyester Doormat

Lovinland Polyester Doormat
Lovinland Polyester Doormat
  • Size: 60 x 35 inches
  • Thickness: 0.31 inches
  • Weight: 15.54 lbs
  • Material: Rubber & Polyester
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Pattern: Solid hexagonal holes

The Loveland Outdoor Mat Rubber Drainage Mat is the best choice for outdoor use, in any environment.

It has a wide range of applications, from inside to outside, in the kitchen, the garage, the shop, the bar, and the pool. It features a mess-free and anti-slip design.

Hence, you do not have to worry about slipping or the mat getting out of place, especially in wet conditions.

In addition, it has wide pores, which quickly drain the water. It does not let the water stay inside the mat, which is the potential cause of catching dust, odor, mold, etc.

The textured or rough top surface makes it easier to trap dirt from your shoes. Moreover, this mat does not require high maintenance when it comes to easy cleaning.

On the other hand, this doormat, like almost every other rubber-based item, has an odor. However, you can wash it or keep it in an open place to lessen the intensity of odor before using it.

  • Comes with a slip backing.
  • Heavy duty commercial grade construction material.
  • Easy to clean, low-maintenance doormat.
  • Smells when freshly arrives.

2.  Rubber-Cal 03-236-DR DuraScraper Doormat

Rubber-Cal 03-236-DR DuraScraper Doormat
Rubber-Cal 03-236-DR DuraScraper Doormat
  • Size: 24″ x 36″
  • Thickness: 3/8″
  • Weight: 9 lbs
  • Materials: Natural Rubber, Reclaimed Rubber
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Pattern: Small drainage-holes

If you reside in a tropical or rainy area, the “DuraScraper Drainage” commercial rubber doormat is the most suitable to meet your needs.

This mat is known to have the longest life because of its high-quality materials used in construction, and environmentally friendly rubber construction.

It ensures that your mat does not lose its shape and color over time, with exposure to sun, rain, snow, dust, etc.

In addition, it has a textured surface that has an anti-slip design built into it. So, it won’t let you slide and hurt yourself.

This mat comes in handy when it comes to cleaning. It perfectly catches the mud, dust, and grass that accumulates on your shoes.

You can use a vacuum cleaner or simply scrape off the dirt from its textured surface.

Moreover, it features a multitude of holes that allow water to drain out and evaporate, keeping your home nice and tidy.

Because of its ideal dimensions of 24 by 36 inches, it is suitable for usage in both industrial and commercial settings.

If you are seeking a performance that is less stressful and more effective, this mat offers great quality and many useful features.

  • Commercial-grade construction.
  • Superior anti-slip backing.
  • Great value for the quality.
  • Comes with 3 years warranty.
  • It is machine washable.
  • The mat cannot be folded for storage.

3.  Durable Durite Tire-Link Outdoor Mat

Durable Durite Tire-Link Outdoor Mat
Durable Durite Tire-Link Outdoor Mat
  • Size: 24 x 48 inches
  • Thickness: ⅝ inches
  • Weight: ‎32.6 pounds
  • Materials: Recycled Rubber
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Pattern: Herringbone

If you are looking for a mat that last generations, the Durable Durite Tire-Link doormat is the one for you.

Its recycled tire’s heavy-duty and tough construction makes it suitable for a variety of settings and applications.

You can put it to use in a variety of settings, such as workstations, production lines, or even as

In addition, this mat is woven with galvanized steel wires. Hence, it is not going to rip or break quickly, which offers simple roll-it-up storage.

Moreover, its small holes do not let the water stay, but in fact, scrape off the dust or mud from your shoes.

If you are looking for a life-long doormat, this is the best choice.

However, because of its tire construction, it does not give a very appealing outlook, but you can trust this mat blindly when it comes to overall performance.

  • Easy to scrape and clean.
  • It can roll easily for storage.
  • This mat is great for snow and ice.
  • Durable rubber construction.
  • Its outlook is not very attractive.
  • Cannot withstand wind.

4.  Rubber-Cal All Weather Outdoor Door Mat

Rubber-Cal All Weather Outdoor Door Mat
Rubber-Cal All Weather Outdoor Door Mat
  • Size: 8 x 30 inches
  • Thickness: ‎0.6 Inches
  • Weight: 2.27 pounds
  • Materials: Coir, Rubber
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Pattern: Geometric

It is not just about the warm welcome, but a filthy floor is a risk to one’s health in every home.

Rubber-Cal keeps hygiene priority when it comes to overall best doormats. It’s made of long-lasting coir fibers, hence, it is resistant to molds as well as the effects of sunshine.

Speaking of its polygonal design, it adds an aesthetic feel to your doorways.

In addition, its aggressive scrape-off design sets it apart from other doormats out here.

In addition, the wide pores facilitate the rapid drainage of water, making it the most secure and risk-free surface for you to tread on.

Cleaning the outdoor coir mat is as simple as a walk in the park. You may remove the dirt from it by sweeping, shaking, or vacuuming it.

To add convenience and performance along with a perfect finishing touch that adds to the aesthetic vibe of your place.

  • Catches dirt and mud with its bristles.
  • It does not collect water underneath.
  • Coir fiber dries quickly.
  • Multipurpose doormat.
  • Bristles come out with time.

5.  DII Rubber Outdoor Mat

DII Rubber Outdoor Mat
DII Rubber Outdoor Mat
  • Size: 18 x 30 inches
  • Thickness: 0.5 Inches
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Materials: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Pattern: Leaf border

The DII Rubber All-Weather doormat, being 18 x 30 inches in size, gives you the best option for a standard door.

If you do not want to miss out on the aesthetics of your home without compromising functionality, its leaf border is exactly what you need.

Not to forget, this mat also performs its intended duties adequately. In addition, keeping your safety a priority, the DII rubber mats are made with a long-lasting and rigid material.

It guarantees excellent grip and anti-skid performance in wet weather conditions. Moreover, it perfectly catches dirt, snow, grass, and other debris from your shoes.

Its leaves border let the water flow instantly from the mat, which means clean and dry doorways and inside of the house.

  • PVC foam backing as an added cushioning.
  • A perfect blend of style and function.
  • Does not let dirt sit on top.
  • It is a water-resistant mat.
  • Poor finishing.

6.  Achim Home WRM1830IW6 Welcome Mat

Achim Home WRM1830IW6 Welcome Mat
Achim Home WRM1830IW6 Welcome Mat
  • Size: 18 by 30 inches
  • Thickness: 1/4 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Materials: 100% Recycled Rubber
  • Shape: U-Shape
  • Pattern: Floral

Make your visitors feel welcome before they enter your home with Achim Home Furnishings WRM1830IW6 Ironworks Wrought Iron Rubber Door Mat.

It is made of high-quality 100 percent recyclable rubber, which is environmentally friendly and promised to endure harsh weather conditions.

Therefore, if you live in humid places, yet feel for stylish mats, this is a great addition to your home.

In addition, its deep grooves’ low profile design assists remove dirt from shoes.

Moreover, it allows the water to flow freely through it because of its floral leaves cut pattern.

This mat does not store moisture in your doormat, which keeps it dry in wet seasons.

Last but not the least, this mat is very low-maintenance.

You can either use a brush, or vacuum, or rinse it with a garden hose at high pressure.

  • Low maintenance, easy to clean doormat.
  • Environmental-friendly construction material.
  • Aesthetically appealing design.
  • Multipurpose use, laundry room, office, doorway.
  • The cuts are not clean.
  • Does not scrape off shoe effectively because of flat center.

7.  Kempf Rubber Scroll

Kempf Rubber Scroll
Kempf Rubber Scroll
  • Size: 18 x 30 inches
  • Thickness: N/A (not so thick or thin)
  • Weight: 4.54 pounds
  • Materials: Rubber
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Pattern: Contemporary

Kempf Rubber Scroll Doormat has an artistic design such that it looks wonderful when placed at your entrance.

It is made of recycled rubber of the highest possible quality, which is also favorable to the environment.

In addition, this mat is completely weather-resistant. It is not affected by temperature, humidity, or cold, and it can even resist snowfall.

The Kempf doormat excels in both durability and sturdiness thanks to its superior construction.

In addition, the best thing about this mat is that it enables the water to flow instantly, which keeps it dry.

Also, its hole design easily catches the dirt off your shoes.

The rubber construction, in addition, makes sure that it stays in place in wet weather conditions.

If you are looking for an artistic, functional, yet easy-to-maintain doormat, this is the one for you. You can clean this mat with a garden hose or just shake it off.

  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Holes do not trap moisture or water.
  • Multipurpose use, hallways, doors, kitchen.
  • Rubber does not slip in the wet season.
  • It does not effectively catch dirt from shoes.
  • The pattern is not cut properly.

How We Pick Best Outdoor Water Draining Door Mats

In order to provide you with an excellent option for doormats, we carried out research on a large number of products and customer reviews.

We narrowed down our doormat options depending on practical aspects including;

  • If the doormat is able to resist the everyday treading, scraping, and scuffing that they are subjected to.
  • Doormat with patterns that makes it easy to clean any dust, grime, or mud that had gathered on them.
  • An outdoor doormat should be appealing in addition to being useful and long-lasting since it is the first thing visitors notice when they come to your place. We made sure to provide a wide variety of color, shape, and design options.
  • Last but not least, while an outdoor doormat is a necessary piece of home decor that shouldn’t break the budget, we also took pricing into mind when selecting our products.


Finding the right mat depends on various factors including your personal preference, where you live, and what features are you looking for.

Whether you are looking for a doormat for office buildings or your home, it is crucial to look out for a design that can withstand excess water.

Speaking of a quality doormat, we have reviewed some of the best outdoor doormat options for you to choose from.

That being said, if you are looking for a good doormat that is affordable and offers high functionality in all weather conditions, Lovinland Polyester Doormat makes the top of our list.

Keeping your personal preference can save you from spending extra bucks on the right mat.

For instance, Durable Durite Tire-Link is best known for its long life and highly durable construction. Hence, expect any other fancy mat to meet your specific needs.

by Lisa Wilson

Without the internet, Lisa would never have discovered upcycling. She used wisdom from other people’s blogs to begin her upcycling journey, then she started writing her own!