Best Bathroom Colors

You may not realize it, but our interiors affect our moods. Human psychology also tells us that rooms in our house aren’t just rooms. They play a role in making us feel good as well.

Talking about the bathroom, we use it to refresh our body, but with the right choice of colors, the room can improve our mood almost instantly.

But it’s so challenging to pick the right shade that reflects your style without being too loud about it. Right?

Don’t worry. It’s totally fair that you pay attention to these details. It’s your personal space, after all.

So, we’re here to share our list of best bathroom colors in this blog to give you more ideas in your quest for a perfect bathroom color.

Bathroom Paint Colors for 2021

Painting your bathroom is always a good idea, especially when you want your rooms to have a new look without renovating the entire thing.

And, of course, the painting comes at a good cost (not talking about money) of putting all your efforts into choosing the right shade that makes your bathroom a comfortable space for you.

There are particular bathroom color schemes that are evergreen. Usually, we have whites, blacks, and greys, but there’s no harm in exploring other options.

So, Let’s see what we got here for you.

Greys- Basic and the Best!

Greys have been in the game for the elegance and style that they offer. Every household has at least one of the grey bathrooms in the place.

Most people assume grey as a boring shade but the case is otherwise. You can mix it with neutrals, whites, and blacks. There’s hardly any shade that the grey wouldn’t go well with.

For instance, let’s suppose you’ve your bathroom accent wall in blue, any shade, and other walls in pale or ice grey. Isn’t it cool to turn into reality?

Some of the shades for the grey that never goes out of fashion are:

  1. Dark grey
  2. Ice grey
  3. Pale grey
  4. Ash grey
  5. Lava grey
  6. Charcoal grey
  7. Thunder grey
  8. Matter grey
  9. Shadow grey
  10. Steel grey

Going all one-shaded or mono with your bathroom paint will actually make it look boring.

You’ll have to mix it with the bathroom accent wall and use blues, pinks, oranges, yellows, and any color of your choice. That’s the magic of greys.

Whites- Essential for Bathroom Walls

Whites are a perfect shade for your kitchen, lounge, or bathroom. Unlike greys, you can go all white anytime.

If not, and you want your bathroom to stand out instead of blending everything in, go for accented walls with other colors.

White is a base color which makes it a perfect color for blending with other shades. The blues, greys, blacks, yellows, and different shades aren’t ‘off vibing’ for a bathroom.

The top white shades for your bathroom are:

  1. White
  2. Cream
  3. Offwhite
  4. Ivory
  5. Pearl
  6. White linen
  7. Alabaster white
  8. Daisy white
  9. Almond white
  10. Frost white

These are obviously just the common bathroom whites but, amazingly, the list is longer than this.

If you begin your search for the right shade, whites will never disappoint you. But, you must remember that white is a high-maintenance shade. It will need proper cleaning and that too, regularly.

Browns- Deep and Confident

Browns are a classic deep shade (not just the dark ones) to add enough beauty in any of your rooms, specifically the bathrooms.

All the shades of brown are preferred by most of us because of how they give off an earthy feel in the room.

With calming and welcoming vibes in the room, you instantly feel like you belong there. All the moments you spent there is a piece of ‘me-time.

The most common shades of brown in 2021 are:

  1. Coffee color
  2. Walnut shade
  3. Peanut shade
  4. Taupe
  5. Towny
  6. Caramel
  7. Chenna brown shade
  8. Gingerbread
  9. Cinnamon
  10. Syrup

 Browns will never go out of fashion. They are here to make a lasting presence for modern or old bathrooms. With white furniture, the browns look wonderful.

If I’m honest here, I’d say browns are very selective to go with other shades. Yes, you can have the browns on all the walls, but using accented walls and other colors will add fun.

Blues- Cool and Tranquil

Blue is one of the few colors that relax your mind and take you on a serene trip the second you enter your bathroom.

As with other bathroom paint colors I’ve mentioned in this blog, blues are also very versatile. There’s no boredom when a shade of blue is involved. There, you have my word.

Blues look exceptionally well with one of the accented walls in your bathroom. Each shade is just perfectly blended and different.

Here’s a rundown of a top few ‘blue’ that are common in bathrooms for 2021.

  1. Aqua blue
  2. Blue-grey
  3. Cobalt blue
  4. Azure
  5. Teal
  6. Ocean
  7. Navy
  8. Prussian blue
  9. Indigo
  10. Egyptian

This is a shortlist of shades. You can have many more new ones that go well with your bathroom’s location and interior decor.

If you have got the budget and an interior designer for bathroom paint ideas. Ask them what they think is best for the space and location at hand.

This would be a wise move instead of redoing the whole thing from the start.

These bathroom color schemes are most common and always cherished. Let’s get to the popular bathroom colors that you can try in 2021 and have a fresher look for the room!

Popular Bathroom Colors

If you love the classics, sticking to the color schemes that we just talked about is good for you, but if you’re willing to make a switch after a long monochromatic theme, try these enlivening shades.

Go (W)All Yellow

There’s no harm in trying unconventional shades. In fact, it’s even better to enliven your house with the play of paints.

Yellow can be tried with grey, black, white, but it stands pretty well solo too. You just have to see if the room has sufficient ventilation because that only makes your yellow-painted bathroom look awesome.

Lean on Green

Some of the shades of green are high in trend these days. Mint green, tea green, Castleton green, dark green, and sometimes bottle green look highly aesthetic with a touch of white or grey in the room.

Burble with Purple

Purple, just like green, has shades that can rock your entire bathroom look. And, do you think I’m using the rhyming words just for the sake of rhyme?

No! Purple actually burbles your bathroom in the house.

Lilac, medium orchid, lavender, magenta, grape, and a few others are most loved shades by especially young people, but you understand that there are no restrictions, so you can try it out and see how the environment gets better.


Changing your bathroom paint every once in 5 years will save you money on renovating it. Plus, the change is refreshing, and with a range of colors, you get endless chances to explore what’s suitable for your space.

Concluding the piece, when was the last time you changed your bathroom paint color? If it’s been long and you can’t remember, you know what you have to do. Go make the change and surprise everybody!

by Lisa Wilson

Without the internet, Lisa would never have discovered upcycling. She used wisdom from other people’s blogs to begin her upcycling journey, then she started writing her own!