Bathroom Doors

Choosing a suitable bathroom door is often overlooked by most people. In fact, they play a very important role in your room’s interior design.

A good bathroom door improves your room’s overall look and reflects your sense of style. When choosing one for yourself, you need to focus on the door’s size and material. However, you can choose any design according to your choice.

Talking of design, do you know about the types that are available today? Read this ‘brief’ guide to have some unique bathroom door ideas.

Different Types of Bathroom Doors

There are various types of bathroom doors to help you create a cozy and welcoming vibe in your room. Considering this, let’s pick the right door for your bathroom. We’ll begin with the most popular yet common types.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are literally found everywhere. They are either fixed or have sliding features. You can easily identify the door by its rectangular shape with single or multiple panel choices in varying sizes.

This versatile door type goes well along with contemporary and modern interiors alike. It’s completely on you to choose what you like for your bathroom.

If you don’t like bathroom knobs, then sliding panels are the option for you. Sliding panels occupy more space than simple panel doors.

The panel doors are the best option if you are looking for something out of the ordinary but don’t want to go overboard.

Mirrored Sliding Barn Doors

Mirrored door type provides a two-in-one solution. You get the due privacy with a full-length mirror on the outer side. Isn’t it a good value for money?

They are the best choice for small bathrooms. What’s different about mirrored doors? They make smaller spaces look bigger (by concealing the mess inside the room) and more spacious (by replicating the room on the outside).

Mirrored doors are believed to be outdated, but anyone who loves taking mirror selfies would never let them go.

They also reflect light, so your room looks brighter. You can use glass paints to make these doors complement your room decor.

PVC Doors

PVC doors have been a trend, but some people still prefer them as their bathroom door for durability and low maintenance qualities. In general, PVC doors can go with any contemporary interior design.

I know that this traditional type can sound a bit off, but you can make it unique with little effort, like painting it with vibrant colors. They don’t degrade due to the moisture in the bathroom’s air.

PVC doors are simple, durable, and moist resistant. Plus, they’ll look very natural (wooden colored) in most households.

Folding Bathroom Doors

Folding doors come in bi and tri features. They are a smart choice for people having space-saving goals. 

A folding bathroom door helps your room get a good amount of sunlight without dominating the space with its size and makes your room look stylish.

Frosted-Glass Bathroom Doors

Frosted glass doors are a perfect blend of offering you privacy and a good overall look. They’re slightly translucent and only reflect the natural light in most cases. Luckily, you can find many designs and styles.

It’s a very sophisticated and stylish option. If your bathroom is located at a sunny spot in your home, this door is highly recommended to you.

Transparent Glass Partition

When your master bathroom is an important part of your bedroom and having privacy is not an issue, you can choose this elegant style.

People these days prefer transparent glass partitions between their room and bathroom to have an ultra-modern look.

Since there are no walls, transparent glass partitions make your room look less congested. Besides, installing them is an effective way to create some personal space for yourself.

Aluminum Bathroom Doors

Aluminum bathroom doors have been used for ages and most houses, especially in Asia, still use them over other options. Why? Because they’re humidity resistant.

Aluminum doors ( literally unbreakable) offer the best security as compared to others. These doors are more likely to be used at entry points or in apartments, so kids and pets don’t go out uninformed.

The best part of having metal doors is that they are less likely to get broken or damaged. They withstand daily use for years.

Chalkboard Doors

Do you want to revamp your room by adding a funkier door to your bathroom? Playful chalk doors will rock it.

Get yourself a chalkboard and make it into a door, or you can also buy it ready-made. It’s an unconventional yet creative idea.

You can write your thoughts that you get during the shower (they are usually very meaningful) or just randomly write anything that comes to your mind.

You’ll have a good time using it for all its functionalities, but it’s not the best option because it may not take up the moisture as well as needed.

Shoji Doors

If you’re a Japanese culture fan, you already know what shoji doors are. We see them in Japanese anime, cartoons, and movies as well.

These doors are made with a combination of wooden frames, tiny compartments, and hard fiber paper.

They come as sheets/screens that you can paste on the existing doors and make them look different from all other available options.

They look pretty similar to traditionally-styled sliding doors, but their form, structure, and style are still unique in their own way.

French Bathroom Doors

The French door has been a top choice of homeowners around the globe for its sophisticated look. The door is basically split up into two halves, and they swing to meet each other.

These doors make your bathroom look like one from the Victorian era. Most restaurants and hotels also use these to add a luxurious but decent feel to their theme. 


The flexibility you’ve to choose from a number of doors is something remarkable—you can go for panel doors for a simpler look and French for a fancier one.

However, don’t only rely on the designs or the look, but also go for the material they’re made from so they can withstand years.

by Lisa Wilson

Without the internet, Lisa would never have discovered upcycling. She used wisdom from other people’s blogs to begin her upcycling journey, then she started writing her own!