Brian Moore : Author.

Brian is an enthusiastic and experienced gardener, which in time led him to the world of home improvement.

He began by learning all about landscaping. Soon he wanted to maximize outdoor spaces in new, exciting ways; for example, by installing gazebos and fire pits. What began as a hobby soon became a side hustle, and eventually, it became his full-time job!

Brian was largely self-taught, using mainly books and magazines to refine his craft. He sees the internet as an amazing opportunity to share his knowledge with other would-be home improvers. He says that he has learned a lot from the online home improvement community, and this site is his opportunity to give back.

Unsurprisingly, Brian loves to be outdoors. He enjoys BBQing for his children and taking them on camping trips in his home state of Georgia. He also loves to attend games of his favorite football team, the Atlanta Falcons.